MYOG A Frame update

Many of you have taken an interest in my MYOG A frame. I’m indebted to Darren for this latest tweak. He discovered that if you remove the snow basket on a Leki trekking pole, you can screw it into the filler nozzle insert. Serendipitously, the threads match exactly. This gives a very solid coupling, doing away with the need to secure the poles with some cord. It makes the frame even more rigid. Not only does it work with a Leki pole (right in the picture), but it also works with Black Diamond poles (left in the picture). Thanks, Darren. Great suggestion. 


8 thoughts on “MYOG A Frame update”

      1. Ah, the penny drops. My baskets just push on so there’s no thread to work with. No wonder I couldn’t visualise it. As you say, sounds like the thread would make a good secure fit.

  1. Hi Robin – do you think this would work with a Trailstar? I have Alplit carbon hiking poles, do you think they’d be strong enough in wind with this set up?

    1. Should do. Doesn’t cost much to experiment. However, you will need three trekking poles if you use an A frame with the Trailstar. The issue with carbon poles is they are very strong but prone to catastrophic failure. Metal poles bend before failing, but carbon ones tend to shatter.

  2. Hello Robin, Used my A frame on the TGO Challenge this year, it worked very well, upon my return home I found it had begun to crack at the two bends I made for the flat section at the apex which attaches to my tarp using velcro. I think it is due to the fact I use it at different angles depending on how high I want my tarp and the plastic does not like repeated bending. I’m looking into at making one from sections broken treking pole tubing with the nozzles and some sort of rotating elbow. Will report again when some real progress achieved.

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