I was there!

I was lucky enough to be at Lord’s yesterday for probably the most remarkable game of cricket ever played. There really aren’t any words that can adequately describe the day. Sport can be cruel but both teams were a credit to cricket and the ethos of sportsmanship that cricket embodies.


Then and now

A few weeks back my sister found my Pennine Way slides from 1978. I’ve started scanning and editing them. The quality is a bit patchy compared with today’s digital photography.

The first photo I scanned was of me at the start of the Pennine Way in Edale on 6th September 1978. My jacket was the first Gore-tex jacket ever made by Mountain Equipment. After three weeks it delaminated and I sent it back to be exchanged. My legwear was homemade rain chaps made by my mother.

How things have changed. Below is a picture of me at the start of my 2014 TGO Challenge with a Paramo Vasco jacket and much more comfortable boots! About the only thing that was better then was my fitness. Playing football and cricket made me super fit!

Slow progress

It’s been eight weeks since I strained the medial collateral ligament in my left knee. Recovery has been slow progress. I’m still some way from being fully fit. I can walk for about an hour with no problems but once I push it beyond two hours I get some soreness afterwards. I guess age means things heal more slowly. I’m trying to guard against doing anything too soon, so I’ve had to cancel a trip in August. I might go to a sports physio to see whether there’s anything else I can do other than some modest walking. This year looks like a bit of a write off.

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