Tread Lite Gear pole bags

Paul of Tread Lite Gear made a couple of tent pole bags for me. The top one is for my Laser Comp pole and the bottom one is for my Nitro Lite poles. Both immaculately made and infinitely better than the rubbish bags provided by the tent makers. These are not stock items but Paul is willing to make them on request. Contact custom*at*

Disclosure: I paid for these bags with my own money and have no financial relationship with Tread Lite Gear. 


6 thoughts on “Tread Lite Gear pole bags”

  1. Hi Robin, forgive me contacting you like this, I haven’t found any other way, and I know you read these comments. I thought you’d been quiet for some time, maybe hibernating, then I looked at your blog and discovered I haven’t received any notifications of new posts since the start of 2016! I’ve no idea why. Anyway, I’ve signed up for a 2nd time, and hopefully all will be well again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bit of catching up to do!

    1. Thanks, I’m fine. Don’t know why you’ve not had any notifications. The mysteries of WordPress! There’s no manual intervention from me, it’s all automatic. I’m hoping to go to Dartmoor in a couple of weeks, so I’ll actually have a trip report for this year!

  2. I purchased one of his XL ziipped peg bags in the same colour, and if similar was available for my tent poles that would be ideal given that my current pole pag is ‘black’ and one of these days I’m going to lose either the bag or even (though unlikely) end up leaving the poles behind somewhere. It seems there is no market out there for silnylon (or similar) pole bags in bright colours with a tough ending material, based on my searches this evening. Paul does seem to be stating on each of his eBay listings that he’s not taking custom orders at this time unless they are minor amendments to existing stock. I purchased that peg bag about a week ago, so I’m inclined to think that his notice on his eBay listings are the current situation regarding custom orders?

    1. Hi Paul. Cheers. I sent a mail to your account last night (before seeing this reply) going into details about what I’m after. Hopefully you’ll see it.

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