Nitro mods


Tent modding is one of my hobbies 🙂 . Having hot rodded, the Laser Competition and the Scarp, it was only natural to make some changes to the Force Ten Nitro Lite 200. So here’s a summary of what I’ve done so far:

1) Rear pegging point, doubling the side guys, rain gutter for rear vent, zip pulls and pegging loops.

2) Update and modifying the side guys.

3) Rear vent hood closure.

4) Rear pole tension band system.

5) Inner tent vent cover

Here’s my Picasa gallery of the Nitro Lite 200


9 thoughts on “Nitro mods”

  1. Hi Robin. Would you be willing, for an appropriate fee, to modify my NitroLite 200? The one issue I’m keen to address is preventing the fly touching the inner at the back, and anything else that can be easily done to prevent water ingress there. I love the tent, but would like to be more confident it can withstand wet weather. If you’re willing to consider this, please respond by email. Thanks.

  2. Hi Matthew. I’m afraid I’m not in the business of doing mods for other folk. Everything I’ve done is easy to do by hand. All my sewing is simple hand stitching. Adding a rear pegging point should solve your problem with the fly at the rear

    If you don’t fancy sewing a pegging point, you can use a Holdon tarp clip

    If you have any further queries on how to do the mods, just ask.

  3. Hi, I’ve been looking at a few tents recently. Laser competition pro, F10 Helium and this F10 here. Which do you rate the most? Can you tell the weight/pack size difference between the F10 and the LC?

    1. Without pegs the Laser Comp is about 1kg, the F10 NL is 1.5kg. Pack size, the F10 NL is larger than the LC but not massively so.

      They are obviously very different tents. The F10 NL is very spacious and as a tunnel tent very storm worthy. The LC is quite compact, especially the sleeping area, but has a good sized porch to expand into. In high winds it’s very noisy but robust if pitched properly.

      I prefer the MLD Duomid or the Tramplite as a one man tent to the LC as both are lighter and more spacious, although they use trekking poles as a support, so they wouldn’t be lighter if you didn’t use trekking poles. The F10 NL is an excellent winter tent, where extra room is a boon.

  4. That’s great, many thanks for that!! I’m probably going to mostly use it for a bit of bikepacking and also some walking where I will take the dog with me as well so I quite like the sound of the extra room, 1-2nights max really. I could go mega light for everything but I’m not racing so I am willing to sacrifice a few 100g for more comfort. I had a Vango Helium about 6yrs ago but sent it back after about a month because the inner was just falling to pieces, I was tempted by the newer model F10 Helium or the LC but I would probably go for them if I find I do it more often in the summer and if I get really silly then maybe a tarp and a bivi.

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