Marmot Essence weight disparity

IMG_1475I liked my Marmot Essence jacket so much that I’ve bought a second one. However, I’ve sized up to a Large from a Medium. I found the Medium a bit trim for layering so wanted a larger version. I also wanted a different colour, so I went for red, which is rather nice.

My original Medium Essence jacket weighs 170g. Imagine my surprise when I found the new version weighed 213g. On the Marmot website, it’s listed at 178.6g. Unfortunately it’s disappeared from the website of the company I bought it from. On the UOG site, a Large is listed as 202g.

This is an extraordinary discrepancy. Handling the material, I think they have used a heavier face material. It feels more robust than the previous version. In some ways, that’s quite good as the old jacket is a bit fragile and I had already torn a small hole in it (repaired with McNett tenacious tape.

However, I’m a bit disappointed that the change in material and weight has not been made clear by Marmot. They really ought to have made clear that this was a second generation jacket with a heavier weight. It seems quite common for gear makers to introduce modifications without making this clear on models and is pretty poor practice in my view.

Of course I could have returned the jacket, but, in the final analysis, it still a very light jacket and I’m happy to have a large version to layer over a warm jacket if necessary and to have longer sleeves. I hope I’m right that the material is a bit more robust as well.

Disclaimer: this jacket was purchased with my own money.


4 thoughts on “Marmot Essence weight disparity”

  1. Similar finding here with Snugpak Sleeka insulated jacket. My old L size which is about due for replacing is 691g on my digital scales. The maker lists new ones as 780g.

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