MYOG frame sheet for ULA Ohm


I decided that I’d like the back panel of my ULA Ohm to be a little more structured and less flexible. The obvious thing to do was to add a sheet of HDPE to the foam sheet (a cut down Karrimat) that I was using. I ordered some 500mm x 250mm HDPE sheets from Direct Plastics. The sheets are so cheap I ordered 3 x 1mm and 3 x 1.5mm sheets, in case I want to use the HDPE for any other projects.

The sheets are almost exactly the correct shape. I had to cut the top corners off, which was easily done with a pair of sharp scissors. I used the 1.5mm thickness sheet as I felt it gave a little more rigidity and attached it to the foam pad with some duct tape. The weight is about 160g (HDPE sheet).


I’m pleased with the outcome. The back panel no longer bulges when you pack the sack and I can guarantee that no objects will jab me in the back. I’m pretty pleased with it. I think it will make the pack more comfortable, together with my hip belt mod. I had been thinking about getting an old style Gossamer Gear Gorilla pack (if I could find one), but I’m not sure I’ll bother as the Ohm is basically the same but with better quality materials.


8 thoughts on “MYOG frame sheet for ULA Ohm”

  1. Another way to stop frameless packs from barrelling is to pack items to the side of what’s already in the pack but then you wouldn’t have insulation which can be removed and used for keeping your feet off the ground.

    1. It’s reasonably flexible, not brittle. Taping it to some foam gives it some extra stiffness. The 1.5mm is probably better than 1mm.

  2. Hi Robin – interesting mod. I have an MLD Prophet and am considering something like this, though I may go for the 1mm HDPE, or some 1.5mm with some holes cut out to lose some weight. I don’t like adding weight if it doesn’t have a dual use – such as a sleep mat or extension to a sleep mat. I have a Gorilla and may try combining the HDPE sheet with the Gorilla’s sitlight pad.
    Thanks for posting, keep the mods coming!

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