Fuizion Foods change sachet

New on the left, old on the right

My last trip to the Lakes exhausted my Fuizion Food supplies, so I ordered some more (just in case!). Hoorah! They’ve changed the sachets from tall and thin, which were awkward to get the food out of, to a more conventional square shape. All the recipes I bought apart from the Kung Po Chicken came in the new format. My only gripe now is the high P&P charges, £9.50 for 10 meals. Incidentally, one thing I failed to pass on from my last trip was that I’ve found a FF recipe that I don’t like: Chilli Con Carne. It just didn’t taste right.


16 thoughts on “Fuizion Foods change sachet”

  1. Thanks for that Robin. Still have some in stock , but will need some more for
    Lakes trip soon. Damn ! – need to make another bag cosy , and find hacksaw
    to cut down my long spoon !
    Seriously , though, I agree they are the best on the market. Have’nt found any I dislike yet , but then Chilli Con Carne still to come…
    I don’t know how they can justify their high postage charges . They are are a gripe in my book too.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Robin; I have just ordered three Fuizion meals for “Darren’s Awfully Big Adventure.”

    I’ve not tried them before, having been a devotee of Real Turmat and my own home-made dehydrated food. But currently my dehydrator is somewhere in a box deep in the bowels of the garage and I can’t be fagged to unpack the entire garage to find it.

    I do know where all my walking gear is though (unused since the Challenge in May, I am ashamed to say!) so I will be properly kitted out next week!

  3. Well it seems that they have taken notice of suggestions to change the bag shape to something i think everybody would agree with.
    Maybe now they will address the high postage issue soon too.
    The foods good, the prices are reasonable but the postage is too high.
    It’s probably the marketing strategy.

  4. Excellent news that; it was always a messy faff to get all the stuff from the very bottom corners! Now they just need to make their website a bit quicker to use and get some Lamb and Pearl Barley in stock!

  5. Great news! The sachet was the weakest point. (They could still make it better with some secondary ripping points below the ziplock.)The bad news is that I have till some 50 meals left in the old style sachets…

  6. I can’t understand why backpacking food is so expensive. ‘Ordinary’ dehydrated food costs pennies. I realise freeze drying may be more expensive, but……… that much?
    I’ll stick to my ‘3 for a pound Mugshots’. The Spicy Tomato is very nice. 🙂

  7. Ta for that Mike! I had not heard of them before. So, I nipped out to Tescos and bought a Mugshot (chicken flavour). Total calories: 245kcal for 55 pence. That’s 4.5 kcals per penny.

    I also have three Fuizion meals: Cost including postage = £23.50 Total calories for three meals = 1559kcal. That’s 1.5 kcals per penny. I hope they taste good! Just so I can be awarded the Field’s Medal, that’s three times the price per kcal for the Fuizion food.

  8. The prize for value may well go to a block of mature cheddar (in a resealable bag). 400grams for £2.50 : 1664kcals = 6.7 kcals per penny. I used to eat a block of this as a snack most days on my LEJOG and still lost over 2 stone in weight.

  9. If you go to ‘Poundshops’, you can get 3 Mugshots for a pound. 🙂
    I find that 2 of them is enough for me, especially with a chopped up Prperoni added.

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