F10 Nitro Lite 200 rear pole TBS

At the same time as trying out my pole mod, I experimented with a Tension Band System for the rear pole. The Nitro has a TBS on the front pole arch, which adds significantly to the stability of the pole, but doesn’t have a TBS on the rear pole.


It was very easy to make. Initially I thought of using some mini karabiners but I raided my bits and pieces bag and found a plastic hook (ironically from another older Vango tent) and two clips from an Ortlieb mapcase. Coupled with some cord and two line-loks, it took about five minute to rig up.


Here it is inside the Nitro minus the inner.


I was concerned that it might not fit with the inner in place. However, it only just touches the inner. The only disadvantage is that the inner has to be unhooked for the TBS to be put in place and adjusted. Despite this, it’s really quick to do and it does add significantly to the stability of the rear pole. It’s probably only worth doing in stormy weather and it needs to be removed before packing away. For the extra 11g in weight, I reckon it’s a good mod.


3 thoughts on “F10 Nitro Lite 200 rear pole TBS”

    1. I think it needs to be designed in rather than retro fitted. I’m trying to persuade Vango to take up the idea. A third pole sleeve wouldn’t be much extra weight and could give the option to use a third pole or leave it behind to save weight.

      Another idea is a winter Nitro with doors at both ends, a third pole and removable snow valance would be an awesome tent. I think it would weigh about 1.7-1.8kg, comparable to Scarp with crossover poles but far superior.

    2. Sean has suggested that the Nitro would have to be cut in half and a sleeve inserted to make it work. I’m not prepared to take that risk.

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