Fairbrook Naze

I was up in the Peak District last week and did a little overnighter on Kinder Scout. My original plan was to camp at Seal Stones. However, the going was a bit slower than I anticipated and I ended up camping at Fairbrook Naze. I parked the car near Moorfield just outside Glossop and walked up Bray Clough then on to the shooting cabin.

Bray Clough

From the shooting cabin, there’s a path south that follows a line of shooting butts which picks up the path eastwards to Mill Hill. It was reasonably dry under foot and the sun was shining. Spring had arrived!

Looking towards Glossop

There were some good views back to Glossop. Pretty soon I reached the flagstone path to Mill Hill. At the top of Mill Hill, I had a splendid view of Kinder Scout.

Kinder Scout from Mill Hill

I followed the Pennine Way towards Kinder Scout but instead of going up Kinder, I took the path towards Ashop Head and then along the River Ashop. Not surprisingly there were numerous boggy areas where side streams met the main stream. It was slow going negotiating the bogs and regularly crossing the River Ashop as the path meandered from side to side. None of it was difficult but it was slow.

River Ashop with Fairbrook Naze in the distance

As the river valley widened out a bit, the going got a bit easier.

River Ashop and Kinder Edge

One sad sight was a dead lamb sprawled across the path.

As I walked on, the valley became more like a ravine. The good news was the footbridge marked on the map was in the right place and in good condition, otherwise it would’ve been tricky to cross.

Ruin and footbridge

At the top of the short steep climb out of the river valley, I decided that my original route plan to Gate Side Clough and then up to Seal Stones would take too long so I decided to take a short cut up to Fairbrook Naze and possibly go on to Seal Stones from there. Fortunately, there was a faint path headed towards the Naze.

Fairbrook Naze

I headed for a stile over the wire fence that skirts around the base of the escarpment. On the other side there didn’t appear to be any path going up, so I just went straight up. It was pretty steep but not difficult. A the top I picked up the path that follows the Edge.

Kinder Edge looking east

As I rounded the corner of the Naze, someone had bagged a camp spot right on the edge. It must be quite a popular spot as it’s the second time I’ve seen someone camped there. There are a couple of other camp spots before you get to Fair Brook but my intetion was still to go to Seal Stones. I decided to get some water at Fair Brook. It was dark and peaty but it would have to do.

Fair Brook and Seal Stones in middle distance

The ground on the other side was uneven and I got a reoccurence of the foot issue that I had on Dartmoor. As time was getting on, I decided to look for a spot to camp. A little way beyond the brook a reasonably flat spot appeared just off the path, so I decided to park myself there.

Camp just beyond Fair Brook with Fairbrook Naze in the distance

By this time it had become quite breezy. Although not totally sheltered, my pitch provided a little bit of respite from the wind. After a bit of a faff around, I sorted out some food and a cup of tea. After eating, I had a little explore. I was quite pleased with my pitch despite it being not far from the path. The northern edge of Kinder is much less frequented than the Edale side and no one came past.

Fairbrook Naze

It was quite windy overnight, although well within the capabilities of the X-Mid. The weather forecast had been for rain by midday. However about half an hour after I woke up, it started to rain. Instead of hanging around, I had a quick breakfast and packed up. Because of the wind and rain, I didn’t take any more photos.

Instead of neatly folding the tent, I just stuffed it into the side pocket of my Mariposa rucksack and set off. There was no great rush, so I took it steadily. While the rain wasn’t heavy, the wind made it quite cold. I had a pair of thin disposable polythene gloves in my medical kit and used them to stop my hands getting cold while packing the tent away. They were so good, that I kept them on when I started walking. They were great at stopping my hands from freezing. In some ways they are better than conventional waterproof gloves as you retain dexterity so I could even re-tie my bootlaces. They are also touch screen friendly.

It was quite a pleasant walk along The Edge despite the weather. Just as I reached the Pennine Way, the mist descended. It didn’t matter much as the navigation was straightforward. I reversed previous day’s route. It was all pretty easy, although it was wetter under foot. I was back to the car well before midday. All in all, it was a nice little trip and a good first camp of the year.


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