TGO Challenge 2018 stories

We are starting to see trip reports from various TGO Challengers on blogs and forums. They are always fun to read. This year was blessed with particularly good weather after the first day.

Alex Roddie, TGO magazine’s social media coordinator will be highlighting blog accounts as they appear over the next few weeks on the TGO Blogger Network page. Sneakily, my “Not The TGO Challenge” account has been slipped in.

I’m looking forward to more from Judith, who has started her day by day posts, although she actually did a few while on the Challenge. Great fun, and well worth a read.

JJ walked most of his Challenge in a “Sports Kilt”. Rather him than me!

Matthew started at Oban and I’m looking forward to reading more about his crossing. Apart from being an entertaining blogger he’s also a talented artist.

AndrĂ© from Sweden is publishing a series of videos on YouTube. Here’s a link to a thread on the Trek Lite forum with his videos

Neil has also published an account of his crossing on Trek Lite, which is well worth a read

Those are ones I’ve spotted so far. I’m waiting with some trepidation for Alan Sloman’s account đŸ¤ª

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