Forestry Sell-Off Protest

Protest rally planned in Grizedale on Sunday. You might want to sign the petition. I have. Although I largely agree with the governments fiscal plans, the forestry sell-off won’t raise much money and could have significant negative effects in the longer-term. Article on OutdoorsMagic.


6 thoughts on “Forestry Sell-Off Protest”

  1. I think that I am going to have to hide my mum. I would not put it past the Coalition of doom to sell her off if it would make a couple of quid………….

    1. To be fair, we can’t go on borrowing at the rate Broon and his crew bequeathed us. I just don’t see that selling off the forests will make any real difference finacially, but it will have a big negative impact on public amenity. I feel a number of decisions have been made in haste without thinking them through, so we have to make our views known. It’s worth signing the petition at least. There’s also a lot of friction going on over National Parks:

  2. Robin, I agree with you. The last government left the country in a mess. Although they like to blame the bankers ( and of course they didn’t help the situation), the plain fact is that spending as a proportion of GDP was significantly above the long term trend. I think the selling off of the forestry commission is just not going to really make an impact on the deficit – leave it alone and concentrate on the real issue of stimulus of the private sector to create jobs and increase tax revenues to the benefit of all.

  3. Whilst I agree that Broon’s public spending was out of control didn’t the new government basically agree with his fiscal policy pretty much up to and in fact also after the banks went belly up?

    Dave isn’t interested in the revenue from the sale of the woodlands, his mates just don’t want to see oiks on their land surely that is the reson for the sale, or possibly just dogma – the private sector knows best?

    1. The Liberals did, but now they are singing a different tune faced with the responsibility of government. The conservatives have warned (not vecifreously enough in retrospect) about government overspending. I’m not sure it’s a ploy to favour his mates, as you put it, I think it’s a case of let’s sell whatever they can to makes ends meet without considering the wider ramifications. Who knows? How Ed Balls has the nerve to suggest that he has the right answers when he was second in command to the biggest fiscal train wreck this country has ever seen, I’ll never know. But then, most politicians are psycohpaths. Exhibit A: Gordon Brown. Nuff said.

  4. Robin, found this on the Camping and Caravanning Club blog. re Forest sell off

    Forest Concerns

    The government has recently outlined plans to sell off public forests in the biggest change in land ownership for more than 80 years.

    If you’re worried about this affecting the Club, then don’t be.

    Director General Robert Louden said: “The Club is aware of the proposals and is a consultee.

    “However, through our majority stake in Forest Holidays we have ensured that the Forest Holidays and Club Sites that may be affected in any way are ring-fenced and secured.”


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