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Rohan Windshadow hood mod

Funny how old posts pop back into life. Back in March 2012, I did a round up of gear I’d used in the Carneddau.I mentioned the Rohan Windshadow jacket, which is an excellent wind-proof but has a poorly designed hood.


In keeping with modern designs, the hood is lycra bound and not adjustable. This is next to useless when it’s windy as it can’t be cinched down. In the review, I mentioned that I’d modified the hood to make it adjustable. I said I was going to do a post on it, but never got round to it. At the weekend, up pops a comment by David asking for some details, so here it is.

IMG_0652I’m always constrained by my limited sewing skills. In an ideal world, you’d want an adjustable cord enclosed in a tube. However, that would entail removing the lycra and folding over the hood material and re-sewing. That’s well beyond my capabilities. So, instead, I’ve used a series of brass eyelets to control the draw cord. The larger top one was a mistake and I should have used small ones for all the holes. The picture above shows the outside of the hood.

IMG_0653The picture above shows inside the hood. Between the bottom two eyelets, I used a micro cord lock. This is quite neat as it is hidden and I can instantly tighten the hood just by pulling on the cord. The top of the cord is secured with a few stitches.

This mod isn’t going to win any awards for looks or design, but it is one way you can make a lycra bound hood adjustable. I really like the Windshadow jacket and now the hood is usable, whereas before, it was next to useless. I hope that helps you David!