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Tread Lite Gear

IMG_1528(2)Tread Lite Gear is a small UK backpacking accessories business on ebay run by Paul who is a member of the Trek-Lite forum. He makes small accessory bags and sells various other odds and ends. Recently he’s been experimenting with cuben and xpac VX07 accessory bags. I was attracted to the Cubpac zip peg bag  and Cubpac zip pouch.

OK, these are impulse buys rather than necessities, but they do look rather nice! The peg bag (pictured on the right) is big enough to fit six gold Easton pegs and six titanium crook pegs and weighs 7g. I leave you to weigh up whether a zip peg bag is your cup of tea. What I can say is that it is very well made. The zip pouch (7g) is similarly well crafted and is handy for small oddments.

The xpac VX07 material is strong and more puncture proof than cuben, hence the idea of using it as a base. Paul also uses other colours and material combinations. He’s also looking to widen the product range into hip belt pockets and chest packs. I’m sure he’ll think of a few other things as well.

It’s great to see someone else making some specialist backpacking products. I’m sure I’ll be buying some more goodies from hm in the future. Hop over to his ebay store for a look yourself.

Disclaimer: these products were bought with my own money and I have no formal or financial relationship with Tread Lite Gear.