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Burbage Edge

We had a few days in Buxton. It gave me the opportunity to explore Burbage Edge and the Goyt Valley. It’s a rather lovely part of the Peak District. It wasn’t too crowded but I suspect it gets busy in the summer.

As always I was on the lookout for potential places to camp. The Goyt Valley has some spots but I imagine there are too many people around and possibly the park rangers patrol it.

There are a couple of spots on the ridge of Burbage Edge but I spotted a nice place a little way away from the Edge. I camped at 7pm and only one person passed me by.

Inevitably being so close to Buxton and roads there was a little bit of traffic noise carried on a cold Easterly breeze. Fortunately it wasn’t particularly intrusive. The night was pretty cold and the temperature fell to below freezing in the tent. There was ice on the tent and frost on the ground in the morning.

I was up just in time to see sunrise. It was pretty chilly, so I made a cup of tea and packed. Instead of going straight back to Buxton, I walked along the Edge, past the trig point and down to Bishop’s Lane.

It was good to get out again and it gave me an opportunity to try out my new Tarptent Notch Li. More on that another time.