Hello cruel world!

Why another backpacking blog? Backpacking blogs seem to be proliferating like rabbits across cyberspace, so why bother with another? I’ve been an avid reader of several backpacking blogs for a while now and thought it would be good fun to have a go myself. The main challenge of a blog, it seems to me, is to keep it regularly updated, so I will try my best to ensure that there are 3-4 new entries every week.


What am I going to blog about? I will mainly talk about backpacking/fell walking trips and kit. Most backpackers are obsessive about kit, so you’ll get a lot of observations on that! I have at least four of any given item in the never ending search for perfection. Aside from the urge to upgrade, I think that kit buying is an excuse to dream and plan new adventures by endlessly going through the permutations of kit and how they might perform under different conditions. This may seem sad to the uninitiated, but it is better than mugging old ladies.


I’ve been backpacking and walking since the mid 1970s. One of the things that fascinates me is how things have changed since then, so you’ll get a few “then & now” posts. Occasionally I will stray into some controversial areas, but please don’t take things too seriously. It’s only a blog and everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if the current government doesn’t like it (oops!).


Apart from backpacking, I’ll give you a few snippets on books I’m reading and music I’m listening to, just for a bit of variety. If I haven’t got much to say, I’ll stick a few photos up (the header is Glen Tilt, just beyond Forest Lodge, in case you wondered). So, all I’ve got to do now is to compose the first serious post. Incidentally, apologies to Ryan Jordan and Bob Cartwright for the title of the blog, I just couldn’t resist it!



another backpacking blog