Mr Average

I’m glad that my body shape is fairly average, it makes buying so much easier. To prove this, I can get off the peg Marks & Spencer suits that fit me as well as “made to measure”. In fact the one time I had a made to measure suit, the fit was worse. Basically I’m a 34″ waist and medium in most things, except Montane, where  seem to be a “large”. Even Montane stuff fits me well, although the leg length is a bit long, but then I’m a short in M&S leg length. I seem to be a medium for back length for rucksacks and I’ve had no trouble with the fit on any sleeping bags I’ve bought. My Cumulus Ultralite 350 is cut slightly slim with a smallish footbox, but it’s fine. If anything, my Western Mountaineering HighLite  sleeping bag is a bit too roomy (but it is American!). All my myriad of tents are long enough for me. My feet are Montrail/Aku/Zamberlan shaped so I can buy any of these online with confidence and know they will fit. I now generally order a size larger than my everyday shoe size (9 rather than 8), mainly because it gives my toes a little more room to spread. The only disadvantage to being Mr Average is that it is more difficult to find sale bargains as generally my size goes quickly. I’m certainly glad I’m not over 6′, as your gear options rapidly diminish as you get taller. Commiserations if you don’t fit into the manufacurers’ sizing moulds.


Are they mad?

WordPress have announced that the limit on free space on WordPress blogs has just been increased sixty-fold from 50mb to 3gb. I’ve now gone from using 3% of my allocation to…… 0%! I’m not going to able to keep pace with them.

Quite frankly, I’ve found WordPress superb as a blogging medium. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you’d be mad not have a serious look at WordPress. If you’re with another service, have a look at transferring. These guys are good.

Pleasure postponed

Unfortunately Bob and Rose (aka have run out of the GoLite Quest in my size so I will have to wait until March. Still, it gives me something to look forward to! Service is paramount at the Cartwright Gear Emporium. Thanks for letting me know so quickly, Rose.


Aktoman has provided some useful links dealing with some of the objections in the wild camping access debate in Scotland:

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