Air Beam rescue

Air Beam with yoga ball plug

When I first got the Air Beam frame for my Gossamer Gear Mariposa, it was fantastic. It made it so comfortable but after a couple of years, it started to slowly deflate, so I’d have to add air every hour or so. It got worse and worse until it was unusable. I couldn’t find a leak so I just put it at the back of the gear cupboard and forgot about it.

Recently a member of Trek-lite forum said they had cured the problem by using a silicone stopper. Apparently the problem was not the frame itself but the valve in the bulb that is used to inflate it. I couldn’t find a silicone stopper but a yoga ball plug looked promising (and cheap) so I ordered some from Amazon. To my amazement, it cured the problem and there was no deflation, even after leaving it inflated for a week. Next time I go out I’ll give it a proper test but I’m confident I’ll be able to use the Air Beam again. It will also work in my GG Murmur pack.

An old photo of the Air Beam with leaky bulb

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