Some gear stuff

I thought I’d add some gear comments from my “Sneaky Camp” post. I’ve added a couple of mods on my Notch Li that you can see from the picture above. I’ve added a pocket just below to mesh vent and above the existing pocket. I cropped an old Alpkit stuff sack. Attaching it with safety pins means I can move it around if I want. Ideal for tissues, hand sanitiser, penknife or other light items. Unlike the Tarptent pockets, items don’t fall out! Also in the picture you can see I’ve added a shock cord and cord lock which attaches to the trekking pole (a suggestion from a member of Trek-lite forum ). It pulls the inner tent out slightly and helps to reduce flapping on the inner tent.

Next up, instead of laying the rucksack in the porch, I hung it from a loop of cord at on apex with a mini karabiner. It keeps the rucksack out of the way, giving a bit more room in the porch and stops it getting wet. I also put some of my gear in a waterproof rucksack cover in the porch (the fluorescent yellow material in the picture) which keeps things tidy and dry.

Lastly I used my Sea to Summit Ultralight insulated sleeping pad and a short fleece cover (zebra pattern which I made ages ago for another mat. The S2S at 482g is not “ultralight” but it is comfortable. I have the woman’s version which has a slightly higher R value than the standard version but is slightly shorter. However, it’s just about long enough for me. The fleece cover adds a bit of warmth and comfort, especially with a quilt. The S2S mat is a bit thinner than many other mats but in a way it makes it more comfortable as you don’t bounce around and it’s more stable when you kneel on it. It also takes less pumping up. The S2S has a “pillow lock” system which attaches a S2S pillow to the sleeping pad. I use the S2S Aeros pillow and pillow case which works really well.


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