Knee Strength

It’s been a frustrating winter as my plans to do some overnighters have been thwarted by poor weather. Over the past four months or so, I’ve been concentrating on building up my knee strength and stability. My knee injury just under three years ago demonstrated that I can no longer rely on my natural strength and fitness. As we get older we lose strength and condition. I’ve reached the age where I need to do something about it.

I found some BUPA videos on YouTube by chance. I’ve been religiously doing the bodyweight squat and glute bridge exercises and found that they really help. It takes about two months before you feel the strength building up. The other exercise that helps is balancing on one leg with hands by your sides for two minutes on each leg. Worth trying.


6 thoughts on “Knee Strength”

  1. Have you tried the balance exercises standing on a pillow with your eyes closed? Very good for developing the hearing related part of the three ‘factors'(?) – soles of feet, sight and hearing

      1. It is certainly good for stopping falling over! I was out walking my dog Red on a lonely bridlepath when I suddenly found myself on my back in a puddle. Dog thought it was a game. A couple of days later I went down while walking across a carpark. It turned out to be bi lateral vestibular something or other. Fortunately, this little city holds a physio who specialises in it.

  2. As a 62 year-old with decades of skiing and playing squash, my knees were in a pretty fragile state. Your YouTube routine looks very similar to the exercise routine I’ve been following. After a year or so of gradually increasing the number and weight of each rep, I can assure you they have really helped my knees get back to pain-free walking, cycling and most of all, skiing. Good luck with your progress!

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