Mariposa rucksack – Frankenpack edition

WordPress managed to delete my original post on this, so I’ll try to recreate it. As followers of my blog will be aware, I’ve made some changes to my old Gossamer Gear Mariposa. The front pocket mesh ripped on my 2017 TGO Challenge. A friend kindly replaced it with a solid one and at the same time replaced the old shoulder straps with new ones.

I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Over The Top closure. I preferred the drawstring and Y strap closure of the original Mariposa. I persuaded another friend to remove the OTT closure and replace it. I’m very pleased with the result.

It makes the rucksack easier to pack and more flexible with different loads. It gives a little more volume too, which is helpful for longer trips.

The top closure has a Y strap but it is also possible to use a single strap which is useful for smaller loads. I also added a karabiner to further cinch down the load if required.

I’ve also changed the backpad from some tent underlay (from Needlesports) to an evazote mat from Ultralight Outdoors Gear. I’ve saved a bit of weight, 66g vs 120g.

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged this before but I put a bit of fleece (from a dog bed!) in the lumber area which makes it more comfortable in warmer conditions. If it’s raining I usually remove it to stop it getting wet.

Some time ago I also swapped the original hipbelt for the latest version, which is much better.

So there you have it, the Mariposa Frankenpack, my almost perfect rucksack. The only further improvement would be replacing the gridstop fabric with X-Pac. Now if I could persuade someone to do that…

4 thoughts on “Mariposa rucksack – Frankenpack edition”

  1. Looks good. That lid was the worst thing about the Mariposa – fine when not stuffed to capacity, but useless when it is. Good to see a much loved pack being upcycled to keep it in service!

    1. Matt has said that he’s happy to repair it in the future should I need it. At the moment the rest of the pack is fine. I also use the hip belt from the latest pack which is miles better than the original. The pack is a great design. I can’t see GG abandoning the OTT closure though.

  2. I love trying to extend the life of product by customizing. But my poor 2015 Mariposa is about ready to be used as a pattern. I’ve been wanting to make my own pack for years but contributed repairing and delaying. I think this winter a new pack will be my project and I too will be using the roll down closure and a much better compression option.

    1. A Mariposa in X-Pac would be great. Packs appear to be quite awkward to make. Careful planning is needed! At least the frame and the hip belt could be reused. Fortunately the main pack is still in reasonable condition. I’d be tempted to use a more robust mesh for the backpack retainers too. Shock cord drawstrings on the pockets too. ATB.

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