Inner tent corner tensioners

If you use an inner tent in a mid style tent like the Tramplite (or Duomid) , it’s often difficult to get the corner seams tight, especially on uneven ground. You often end up with flappy material which can be irritating in windy weather.

On the latest versions of his tent, the Tramplite, the maker, Colin Ibbottson, has put tensioners on each corner to help prevent this issue. My Tramplite is an early version and doesn’t have them.

As yesterday was a rainy day and I was bored, I thought I’d retrofit some to mine. Although a bit fiddly, then are pretty easy to do. You just hand sew some thin grosgrain loops and connect them with shock cord and use a small cord lock as an adjuster.

I’ve not tested them as it’s so wet in the garden at the moment but they should help. It would be easy to retrofit them to any inner tent for a mid. I’m pleased with the result.

2 thoughts on “Inner tent corner tensioners”

  1. A good mod and they work very well on my Tramplite. I’ve also added a loop of shock cord to the apex to help pull in tighter when pitched a tad lower then normal.

    Atb, Dave

    1. I’ve got a similar tensioning arrangement at the apex but on on the outside of the inner. I think it probably needs to be tensioned at both ends.

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