Farewell Alphie

Unfortunately my lovely Wellhouse Alphard camper van has gone to the great scrapyard in the sky. At the end of July it was parked outside our house when a young lad lost control of his car and crashed into the back of it. While it doesn’t look too bad, I took it to a repair shop where the owner who specialises in Alphard conversions and he said it was a write off because the floor plate was buckled and it was likely there was other damage too. Repair would be too expensive given the side unit and bed would have to be removed and re-fitted. The insurance company agreed and wrote it off. Fortunately I got a reasonable settlement. I’ll miss Alphie. I’ll probably get another camper van although I’m going to wait a bit before deciding.

2 thoughts on “Farewell Alphie”

  1. Such a shame.
    Did you not get any photos of the floor?
    It looks such light damage.
    I love these alphard campers, just starting my search for one and my brother in law is looking for one too but it does put me off if such a small incident renders it a write off.

    1. I took some other pictures but I didn’t realise the floor plate had been bent until I took it to G&P Campervans. Gez took one look and told me. Worth looking at G&P. I was impressed by them. Don’t be put off by the website, which is not very slick. They source Alphards and will do bespoke conversions.

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