Bitter sweet

I’ve been putting some old pictures on social media to add a bit of cheer and remind us there is a world outside of lockdown. I put this one up today of a camp on my 2012 TGO Challenge in Glen Etive. It was a wonderful spot. The next day was very different: the infamous Stormy Sunday. It is bitter sweet because it was my first TGO Challenge and I had to give up halfway with a stomach bug. The silver lining was that it made my first successful crossing in 2014 even more special. In the current crisis, these are valuable memories to hang on to. These failures and triumphs are put into perspective by the pain and suffering of this epidemic. However, we can always cling on to the good memories, made more piquant by those times of trial.

3 thoughts on “Bitter sweet”

  1. That is a classic photo – what a great spot. The next day, ‘Stormy Sunday’, was an incredibly tough day. I was camped down the glen from you and made it to Kinlochleven in appalling conditions. I think the conditions in Glen Coe were among the worst. I have also had to quit the Challenge due to illness and, as you so rightly say, there is a new sense of appreciation and achievement when you compete your next one. Stay safe.

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