Garden camp no. 2

I spent another night camping in my garden last night. This time I used my X-Mid and Valley and Peak Ultra Bivy. I was impressed with the Ultra Bivy. I’ll write a short review soon. I must be getting old. Even though it only got down to 8c, I felt a little cold. Fortunately I had some extra layers. Despite a bit more traffic noise than last week, I had a reasonable night’s sleep.

2 thoughts on “Garden camp no. 2”

  1. Maybe with a normal solid inner you would have been warmer ?
    In my Scarp 1 ( 2019 ) there is a marked difference when comparing
    inside/outside. On the other hand 8c is not that warm .Good that you
    had extra insulation with you rather than going back to the house to
    get some .

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