Valley & Peak Insulated Pouch and Cascade UL Table

On my recent Lake District trip I used a couple of new pieces of gear that might be of interest. I bought both from a new company, Valley & Peak who make quilts, bivies and accessories as well as selling lightweight gear from a limited number of other manufacturers. Well worth a look.

First is an insulation pouch. The original product was for storing electronic items in a cold environment so that batteries wouldn’t drain. I saw the potential of the product to double up as a cosy for freeze dried meals. I asked V&P to adjust the sizing to 25cm x 25cm rather than the original 27cm x 20cm to fit some of the wider food pouches.

It’s made out of the materials they use for their quilts. The closure is velcro. Personally, I would’ve preferred kamsnaps as velcro sticks to the possum wool gloves I was using, but it’s a minor inconvenience and I can see why velcro is better for its original use of storing electronics.

To prevent the inside getting dirty, I used a Sainsbury’s polythene food storage bag which fitted perfectly. Up until now I’ve been using a cosy made of radiator foil. There’s no weight difference (30g) but the V&P pouch is compressible and easier to store.

While there’s no discernible difference in performance, I expect the V&P pouch is better insulated. The real bonus is that you get a dual use and you can store your electronics in it (and it looks a lot nicer!). Worth considering.

The second piece of gear, which is a bit of a luxury, but weighs next to nothing is the Cascade Wild UL Folding Table. While it’s hardly essential it is nice to have the option of not putting things like food on the ground when you’re eating and to have a clean level surface to put things on. It’s funny how these little things give you pleasure. I found it a great addition to my camp kitchen. Weighing 58g (advertised 65g), it is hardly noticeable. Unless I’m going to be fanatical over weight, I’ll be putting it in my rucksack now for most trips.

Valley & Peak’s website:

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with Valley & Peak other than as a customer

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