Deepdale and Angle Tarn

Here’s a short slide show of my trip to the Lake District last weekend. Apart from “just getting out”, it was also an opportunity to test my new Scarp 1 and to see how my knee is healing.

I stayed at Brothers Water in my camper van for the first night, then walked to Deepdale for an overnight camp before walking back the next day. It was wet and windy overnight, but the Scarp was fine and very stable with the crossing poles. Although the temperature didn’t get below freezing in the tent, the wind was bitterly cold in the morning.

The next day I did a circular day walk to Angle Tarn and back. It was a lovely morning, although still very cold. It clouded over at midday, which made it feel even colder. It was a lovely walk though and thoroughly recommended, with great views across to Fairfield and Helvellyn.

Overall my knee is improving and apart from the odd twinge I had no problems (I did wear a knee support though). I’m hopeful that I’m close to getting back to normal although I need to do a couple of full days with a pack before I really know.

5 thoughts on “Deepdale and Angle Tarn”

  1. good news about your knee. I remember some time ago you had
    to avoid cattle in Deepdale . Hopefully being winter his wasn’t
    a problem on your recent trip .

    1. When I was there in the summer a few years ago there were some cattle roaming and the spot where I camped was fouled. I guessed they wouldn’t be out in the winter. It was clear. I’m not sure I’d chance it in summer.

  2. Glad your knee held up.It was a great weekends weather, I parked at Bridge End on the Sunday and trotted round the Fusedale Horseshoe.
    Hope your able to get out more this year.

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