So what’s happening?

This has been my worst year for backpacking for a while with cancelled trips and my knee injury. It’s sapped my blogging mojo as there’s not a lot to say. My knee is a lot better but every time I think it’s OK, it seems to flare up again. I did actually go for a short trip to the Lakes back in September. I did a short there and back overnighter from Brothers Water to Pasture Beck (picture above). The bad news was carrying a pack upset my knee a bit. The good news is that I was able to do a couple of afternoon walks of reasonable length with just a day pack without much problem.  It looks unlikely that I’ll be doing any more trips this year. I suppose it gives my knee more time to heal. The flip side is that I’ve lost confidence in my ability to do any longer backpacking trips at the moment, so I suspect I’ll just be doing short 1-2 night trips and day walks next year until I know my knee can stand the strain. Hey, ho!

10 thoughts on “So what’s happening?”

  1. Hi Robin

    Short trips to build strength (and confidence) sounds a wise way to go–on the up side you now have every reason to assemble the most lightweight kit available:)…Durston is coming out with an Xmid Pro, you know!
    I’m sorry to hear its been such a slog, but your posts are enjoyed when the arrive.
    Wonderful picture of Pasture Beck.

    Sending best wishes from Canada,

  2. I’m sorry to hear that Robin. I know it’s not the same for everyone, but I’ve found my knees don’t hurt at all when walking or backpacking since I started running. Not at all what I expected, as I’ve always thought running was bad for you, only took it up in the short term to improve my cardiovascular fitness to make the hills easier.
    I hope your knees heal over the next few months and that you are able to get back out there, good luck.

  3. Sorry to hear that Robin, after my Plantar Fasciitis episode I really understand how awful it feels when you can’t get out and do what you want to do. My advice would be to find a sports physio who you have faith in (I tried three different ones before I was finally happy) – assuming you haven’t already done so.
    Hope you get sorted soon.

    1. Thanks. I’ve seen a sports physio who has been very helpful. I’ve been doing strengthening exercises for a while. Definitely getting better but slow progress. At the moment I’m not sure I’m strong enough for serious backpacking and multi day walks. Hopefully I will be by next year, but it really knocks your confidence.

  4. Have you tried cycling, as that is none load bearing. You could then take up bikepacking and that would lead on to a whole new area of gear and gadgets 🙂

    1. Thanks. I do a bit of mountain biking and have an exercise bike. TBH, bikepacking in the UK particularly England doesn’t appeal. I like camping in the middle of nowhere. I think I should be back to normal soon, but it’s been a longer wait than anticipated.

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