Slow progress

It’s been eight weeks since I strained the medial collateral ligament in my left knee. Recovery has been slow progress. I’m still some way from being fully fit. I can walk for about an hour with no problems but once I push it beyond two hours I get some soreness afterwards. I guess age means things heal more slowly. I’m trying to guard against doing anything too soon, so I’ve had to cancel a trip in August. I might go to a sports physio to see whether there’s anything else I can do other than some modest walking. This year looks like a bit of a write off.

9 thoughts on “Slow progress”

  1. Robin, I did my knee in last year in Spain. It was swollen, wanted to click all the time but wouldn’t. Got home, had a cortisone injection which brought the swelling down in about 2 weeks but it’s still not right. Been to physio, had x Ray’s but all they say is that its arthritis and it’s normal for a 62 year old.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Mine is definitely a MCL strain. They can take a long time to heal. It’s worth taking the time not to exacerbate it. When it’s ok, I need to do some strengthening exercises. I’ve also got to be a bit more intentional about fitness. As you get older, strength and fitness declines and I think I’ve reached an age where I can’t just coast along. Fingers crossed for you too.

  2. Hang in there . I’ve had similar . It takes a while to get back on track . I found doing the physio and pitates and learning how to stretch helped heaps . Pity the body falls apart as we get on but keep on keeping on .

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