Not the TGO Challenge abort

I’m heading home today. After a great Saturday, on Sunday morning I woke with some slight discomfort in my left knee. Trying to walk it off just made it worse and by Sunday lunchtime, it was very sore and seems to be a ligament issue from when I used to play football. I thought I’d got rid of the issue over twenty years ago. I took a taxi to meet my Challenge friends at Gairlochy campsite. It was just too sore to contemplate carrying so the sensible thing was not to aggravate it further and to come home. Unfortunately it’s going to be a long day. I’m afraid this year is turning out to be a bit dismal.


8 thoughts on “Not the TGO Challenge abort”

  1. Oh no…sorry to hear that Robin….Scotland will be there for another time though. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.
    Take care

  2. It happens to many of us sometimes. Get physio and do what they say . Hope it settles and that you get back out there . Regards

  3. A great shame after all the planning and travel time to get there .I remember I had to abort my trip whilst in the wilds of Knoydart . Some time ago now , but ,still rankles .I , too , live in Essex ,so it’s a long way
    up there . Always envied those who don’t have so far to travel .

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