Not the TGO Challenge 2019

I’m not able to participate in this year’s TGO Challenge because I can’t be away from home for more than a week. However, I’m going to have a week in Scotland and will meet with a few Challengers for three days, with two solo days either side. On Friday evening, I’ll get the sleeper up to Corrour for Saturday morning. I’ll take two days walking through Glen Nevis, Ft. William and the Great Glen to Gairlochy. Then over Creag Meagaidh and to Garva Bridge. Lastly, I’ll take the ridge on the northern side of the Spey to Aviemore. It is just under one hundred miles and will take seven days. The weather forecast looks good, so it should be fun.

9 thoughts on “Not the TGO Challenge 2019”

    1. Thanks JJ. Maybe next year. Hope you have a good crossing. I see you’re attempting a speedy one. Have fun.

  1. Lets hope the weather keeps it’s promise Robin ,and you have a good week. I assume you are taking the Xmid ?

    1. Yep. It will be interesting using a mesh inner. One advantage is it makes it feel really spacious. My concern is how draughty it will be.

  2. Hi Robin
    I stopped by your site to find out about your thoughts on the DD X-Mid and learned about your recent injury–so sorry to hear your NotChallenge plans had to be aborted, I hope you are getting some good help from physio and are able to get back out there soon with two strong knees.
    My husband and and I just finished our first Challenge, and during planning I made WIDE USE of the many trip reports out there. Ive found your insights, gear tweaks and perspective really helpful. Thanks for sharing it all Robin.
    Our crossing was all we’d hoped for by the way (and so very much more of course!). Maybe we will meet another year when I do my first solo, possibly in a DD X-Mid! I’m hoping to get in on the next Drop but its not clear at the moment when that will be.
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the X-Mid after you’ve had it out in the wilds on your all-better knees!
    Best regards,
    Martha (from Toronto)

    1. Sorry for the tardy reply but thanks for the comments. I believe there is likely to be another drop later in the year. I’m hoping that there will be a solid inner version as I think that’s better for Northern Europe. However, I really liked the mesh version. Unlike many mesh tents, the fly comes right to the ground, so draughts are less of an issue. Two nights out, one on a camp site is hardly rigorous testing. Assuming my knee has recovered, I will be taking it to Dartmoor in August and will report back. Glad you enjoyed the Challenge. It is a wonderful event.

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