Rab repair service

In an increasingly throw away world, it’s gratifying that some gear makers have repair services to prolong the life of their gear. Paramo are rightly praised for their after care service and I’ve used them for minor repairs on a couple of my jackets.

When the zip on my Rab Generator Alpine jacket disintegrated, I feared I’d have to junk it. It’s a great jacket that has served me well for over ten years. Much to my delight, I found that Rab offer a repair service. For £30 (including postage) they replaced the zip, albeit with one not quite the same colour. I’m a very happy chappy!

2 thoughts on “Rab repair service”

  1. I have used Rab’s excellent repair service three times to date (twice last year) for items of clothing several years old and they have repaired them all free of charge, not including the cost to post them there obviously. . A very useful service for those cherished items they no longer manufacture.
    I too have a generator alpine, super piece of kit, not that I use it for its intended use as a belay jacket.

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