Mice ate my rucksack!

Oh dear! We had some mice in our loft and they attacked my Tramplite rucksack. I’ve sent it back to Colin who is hopeful he can repair it. They also attacked my Exped Thunder rucksack but that didn’t appear to be as tasty and it only suffered minor damage to the hipbelt. They seem to like foam and ate some loose closed cell foam I had lying around. I don’t think they could’ve been there long as nothing else was damaged. I felt a bit mean calling in the pest control man, but I’m afraid poison is the only way I can be confident of getting rid of them. There appeared to be no activity last night, so I’m hopeful they won’t bother us any more.


2 thoughts on “Mice ate my rucksack!”

  1. Ouch, I hear mice scampering around in our roof, and even under the floorboards. Luckily the roof space is far too small for storage so I took over a spare room for my gear. I have had a couple of rucksacks literally disintegrate from decades of storage though. All the foam inserts in the shoulder straps and hip belt of a favourite Berghaus pack turned to powder.

  2. Agreed they like foam, maybe for nests? They ate 2 sq. inch of foam on my ski boot tongues. I managed to patch them my self…

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