Patch is getting old

Our beautiful little dog is now over fourteen years old and age is catching up with her. We’ve known that something hasn’t been quite right for a while. After Christmas she ate a stone, the second time she’s done this. She had it removed and they discovered that she has an inflamed stomach and gut. She has also tested positive for Cushing’s. Unfortunately the treatments for both conditions clash so we are dealing with gastric problem first. Cushing’s is problematic as it makes her very anxious and she is losing muscle, particularly on her back legs. It’s sad to see such a hitherto active dog in decline. All we can do is to make her as comfortable as possible and give her lots of love.


6 thoughts on “Patch is getting old”

  1. Sorry to hear that.
    We’ve lost two relatively young dogs to cancer in recent years. It is like a human family member dying.

  2. Robin – Philip Werner here from SectionHiker. Can you drop me a line using the contact form on my home page (so I don’t have to post my email address in this comment). Old email addresses will also likely work. I have a question I’d like to run by you. Couldn’t find a contact form, so I apologize for leaving this message in a comment. Cheers.

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