Massdrop Dan Durston X-Mid 1P Tent

I thought readers might be interested in this innovative tent that is currently on offer at Massdrop designed by Dan Durston. I was a bit sceptical at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked the design. I’m not a great fan of mesh inners, but I think this might perform better than most as the flysheet goes to the ground all the way round, unlike most tents with mesh inners. At $199.99, it seems good value. It uses silpoly rather than silnylon for the flysheet, which should obviate the normal issue of the flysheet stretching when wet, which is a bit of an irritation with mids that use silnylon. I like the enhanced headroom and vents too. Although I don’t strictly need another tent, it does look good, so I put my name down for one. There are plans for a version with a solid inner and a two person version which might come to fruition next year. The only drawback with Massdrop is that it won’t be delivered until May next year. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the Massdrop page:

14 thoughts on “Massdrop Dan Durston X-Mid 1P Tent”

  1. Interesting tent Robin.
    I think though I still prefer my Strat 1 with solid inner. more room ,large porches and with the pitchloc ends very stable in high winds . The inner floor is wider also. All up weight,bag and good pegs is 1.113kg. Bear in
    mind Dan’s weight is with mesh ,which allowing for eight pegs (say 80g )
    comes to 887g according to his stats.
    Another point is that the Strat fly also comes right down to the ground
    so a mesh inner not such a problem as in other tents . If you opt for the later option of a solid inner in Dan’s(add say 100g or so ?) you are around 1kg ,so
    very close to my weight of 1.133g. I my opinion a much better tent
    Might be tempted by the new Strat Li. Around 878g with solid inner in DCF. Wider inner ,but slightly smaller porches. Pricy though. Much to
    ponder. On Trek-lite it is mentioned that Tarptent have just announced a new 1p tent in DCF at 453grms . Details in a week’s time. No let up then…

    1. A solid inner is only going to be 50-60 gm heavier (the difference for the Strat1 is 70gm and it is slightly larger). While I think the Strat’s pitchloc ends have a lot to commend them, they do make packing more awkward and the hexagonal shape is more awkward to pitch. I like the simplicity of the X-Mid. I’m intrigued to see whether Silpoly is better than silnylon given it doesn’t stretch. The X-Mid also comes seam sealed. Sealing a large tent usually adds about 50gm to the tent and is a faff. The X-Mid is also much cheaper $199.99 vs $309. I think it’s worth a punt and the rarity means if I don’t like it, I can sell it on for minimal loss probably. I think the Strat is a great design BTW

    2. Hi Charles42,

      It’s Dan here (X-Mid designer). A few points on your comments about the X-Mid vs Strat1:
      – I wouldn’t say pitching these two tents is similar. The X-Mid is far simpler with only 4 stakes and a rectangular pitch. It’s almost exactly like pitching a mid. There are fewer stakes, no distances to guess, fewer angles to get right, and you don’t have to measure the pole heights. I’ve owned a Strat and the X-Mid is far simpler (achieving a simpler pitch was one of the main points of this design). You can see a video of pitching the X-Mid here:

      – Since the X-Mid pitches with just 4 stakes and is already seam taped, you can have a full set up (fly, inner, stakes) for 850g. Even a solid inner wouldn’t be over ~900g. That’s a lot lighter than 1133g.
      – The fly of the X-Mid also comes all the way to the ground.
      – Overall the X-Mid has very similar space. The floor is 4″ narrower but the X-Mid actually has slightly more headroom and vestibule area.
      – The X-Mid also holds up better in high winds because the Strat design puts an awfully lot of strain on the stakes at the pitch lock corners. You’ve got quite a large side hanging off one stake out point. I’ve put over 200 nights on a Strat so I’m quite familiar with this. The X-Mid holds up better because you have multiple optional stake points along on the long side so the load per stake can be much less, plus you can orient the peak guylines to help too, which you can’t do with the Strat1.
      – The X-Mid has many other advantages including water resistant zips rather than basic zips with flaps, no sag fabric, higher HH fabric, far larger vents which vent better with struts plus can close easily and quickly in harsh weather, much better snow shedding because no shallow roof panels and the tent doesn’t have struts so it packs into a short package that can store horizontally in pack.

      So overall the X-Mid is a similar sized tent but 1/4 kilo lighter, much simpler pitch, higher end hardware and a long list of functional advantages.

      If you want to read more on this topic, there’s a good discussion here:

    3. A quick update on the solid inner. We have found a really nice material for it that is a solid 7D ripstop nylon that is barely heavier than mesh. For the 2P I got prototypes made with most mesh and the solid inner and the difference between them is 19 gm.

      We are not doing a solid inner for the first production run of the 1P but we hopefully will for the second. Since that inner tent is quite a bit smaller than the 2P, the weight penalty for the solid inner will be about 12 gm.

      1. I have been trying everywhere to find the info on how to get this tent. My son is mentally ill but we backpack a lot. We started the AT last year and plan to continue every summer until we finish, and then move on to other trails. He insists on having his own gear including tent but I have been unable to find a tent that is both light enough for a child to carry and simple enough for a child with many issues to put up himself, until I saw this tent. It seems protective enough that I feel safe for him also. Now I just need to find out how to get it. Can someone please respond. I guess I missed the mass drop last summer, we were on the AT and I can’t get any info if there will be another or when. I really need this tent for my son. Anyone with any info will be so very appreciated. I am not angling for anything free, I just cannot find any way to buy it.

      2. Hi Angela,

        Massdrop is going to do one more drop soon for the X-Mid for tents arriving around June (they are still in production). Massdrop hasn’t scheduled the exact date yet when orders will open but it will likely be later this month. If you click “request” on the X-Mid page then you will get an email when orders open:

        They have 300 tents coming in this next batch, which will sell out in about 2 weeks. So there is no panic to order but once those 300 are sold there won’t be any more for the upcoming season.


      3. Thanks so much for the info. I signed up to be notified. It is an amazing tent. Unlike any other and so perfect for my son’s situation. Cant wait for the 2 man.

      4. Hi Siegeral,

        The latest I’ve heard is that they are still scheduling the exact date of the drop for the last 300, but it is likely sometime in March.

        The good news is that production is ahead of schedule so the last 300 will be shipping out in May rather than June. Requests for the tent are piling up so these last 300 might sell out in a few days, so no panic but if you want one then you want to be on the request list so you get an email when it opens.


  2. agree it’s good value ,and you can sell it on if you don’t like it. Sure
    there will be a demand
    Pitching of both tents is very similar . Initially I found the Strat a bit tricky to pitch at the optimum ,but soon got the hang of it . Now goes up very
    quickly . I purchased mine already seam sealed ,so no faff there thankfully. Packed up fits well in the long pocket of my Mariposa .
    Similar to the Scarp 1.

  3. Like the look of this Robin. Would be good as a bikepacking tent, easy to fit into panniers with foldable poles hmmmm

    1. The compact packing size is certainly an attraction too. Hadn’t thought about it for bikepacking, but I can see it would be suitable.

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