Dartmoor Running Festival Detritus

On my recent trip to Dartmoor I came across these discarded signs between Pupers Hill and Ryder’s Hill from a running event held on the previous weekend (not obvious from sign, but I looked up their website). Being a good Womble I picked them up and deposited them in a bin at Postbridge. Subsequently I reported this to the Dartmoor National Park Authority. The NPA has replied saying that I’m not the first to report an issue with this event.

If you’re on Dartmoor, please be on the lookout for further detritus from this event and remove it if appropriate. I’d also encourage you to report it to the NPA. Hopefully Something Wild will take more care in the future. I’m certainly not against these running events, but I think more care needs to be taken to leave no trace.


3 thoughts on “Dartmoor Running Festival Detritus”

  1. I take part in a few similar trail races myself and it always concerns me how much debris may be left behind, not just signage but gel wrappers and the like. Most organisers are very diligent when it comes to clearing signage but often the set-up team and sweep team are different folks so can sometimes miss the odd one. However I know from my own experience here in Nidderdale where we have trail races, cycle sportives, classic car runs and allsorts that some events make no attempt to clear their markings and expect the ‘trail fairies’ to clear up. My own local running group have innocently borne some of the criticism for this. If you can identify the originator then take it up with UK Athletics, British Cycling or the Motor Sports Association’s local rally liaison officer as appropriate. However much we locals try to clear up after rogue events, more rubbish appears.

    1. It’s in the hands of the NPA who, I’m sure will take appropriate action. It’s a shame that responsible people have to suffer too.

  2. I was walking the other week around Ditsworthy Warren and to be fair the event organiser there was going around collecting the previous days flags. If I’m up on Ryders I will keep an eye out

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