Oookworks no longer

Sad to report that Sean is giving up and closing Oookworks .


3 thoughts on “Oookworks no longer”

  1. It is sad. As are his health issues. However, some harsh words follow. The statement on the website does show a complete lack of understanding of what running a business means. Customers who had to wait months, and in some cases years for orders, having paid upfront, are inevitably going to moan at him. And that’s perfectly understandable and justified. Taking orders and money and not fulfilling the orders in a reasonably timely fashion was not acceptable, whatever the quality of the finished product. What always surprised me was just how tolerant some people were. If you handover a few hundred pounds to someone and they don’t deliver (literally) as promised you aren’t going to be sympathetic to their cashflow problems.

    Hopefully a more reliable UK supplier with a better head for business and stronger cashflow will rise up and offer similar products.

  2. indeed. Sean lacks a basic understanding of how a business works and how customers needs are paramount. His products were absolutely top notch and maybe in another life he would have been more successful. A shame but a long time coming….

  3. Harsh words indeed, David. I am sad that you are surprised at how tolerant some people are. I did hand over money and didn’t receive anything for quite a while. However, I was sympathetic to Sean’s health and cash flow problems. Those who have never had such problems are lucky indeed. In the end he kept his promise to send me my inner in time for the upcoming Challenge and I am now the very proud and lucky owner of a first-class piece of kit.

    Of course, I understand that others may not feel that way. This is just my personal view and I am certainly not trying to dictate how people should feel or behave.

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