Well done Olight

Readers will remember Geoff Crowther had a problem with his Olight torch burning a hole in his groundsheet.

Olight have agreed to replace Geoff’s tent, which I think is excellent service from them and gives confidence that any problems will be dealt with properly by Olight. Read Geoff’s post here


2 thoughts on “Well done Olight”

  1. Excellent result. A professional response to a well-measured complaint. Full marks to Olight. (Pity about the troll who responded to Geoff in the first place). I first looked at the review because anything beginning with ‘O’ implies to me that it be marketed for an orienteering use. Think I’ll let somebody else be first such user.

  2. Wow, pretty gobsmacked tbh. Replacing the whole tent. I would have been pleased with a promise to pay for professional repair. Fair play to Olight.

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