Not The TGO Challenge Day 4

Day 4: 17.2km distance, 634m ascent

For some reason on this trip I didn’t sleep very well and I was awake quite early. Lynsey, Paul and Craig had long days pencilled in so they were away by 7 o’clock, while we kept to our original scheduled departure at 8 o’clock.

It was another glorious day and we set off up the road to Corrievarkie Lodge. The views west were again wonderful.

Andy’s foot seemed to have improved with a change of footbeds. My left foot had some  twinges, but I’ve had this before and it’s not developed into anything significant in the past, so I just carried on. After a pleasant stroll, it was time to leave the track (actually a road) and head up the Allt an Luib Bhain.

Yet again we were surprised by a delightful little walk along the burn. There were numerous small waterfalls and a couple of good places to camp too. We climbed to spot height 683, where we stopped to admire the views.

You just can’t get enough of this scenery! Our next objective was Beinn Bhoidheach.  After a bit of heather bashing we reached the top and drank in yet more glorious views. Here’s a panorama:

The slope down to the bealach with Beinn Mholach was rougher than the map indicated. We followed a rocky ridge down. On the way we came across a large feather, which we assumed must have been from an eagle.

Eventually we reached a little rocky outcrop and decided to have a spot of lunch. It was proving to be a hot day and we didn’t have an enormous distance to do, so it seemed churlish to rush through such a wonderful landscape.

It was a lovely lunch spot. However, we had a walk to do and we had to tear ourselves way from the sunbathing. The climb up Beinn Mholach (possibly my first Corbett) was steep but easy. As usual Andy skipped up leaving the rest of us floundering in his wake. I know I keep saying it, but the views! Photos can never do justice.

After a few minutes we spotted some other walkers. It was none other than John and Sue who we had seen in Chiarain bothy. After a suitable rest we picked our way down Creag nan Gabhar to the bothy at Duinish.

The bothy was a bit of a disappointment. It was rather dark and dank. However, it had some tables and chairs so we stopped for a brew and something to eat. John and Sue found us but decided they would rather have some refreshments down by the river.

Time was getting on, so we packed up and left. We saw John and Sue again by the bridge preparing their evening meal. We pushed on to Saunich, following a track at first and then cutting cross-country. Saunich promised a bit more than it delivered. There were the fetid carcasses of several dead sheep before and around the ruined building.

We decided it was better to camp below the ruins, although finding some suitable flat spots wasn’t easy. I was careful to purify the water in case the dead sheep had infected the water supply. Even thought the day was relatively short in distance, it had taken us a long time, but the weather ensured that we were treated to some wonderful vistas.


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