Food, food, food

For next week’s trip to Scotland, I’m carrying the most food I’ve ever had to carry on a backpacking trip: 6 breakfasts, 6 evening meals and 7 lunch/day time snacks. For three or four days, it’s pretty easy to sling together some food and add in a bit extra just in case. This time I’ve had to be a bit more disciplined. It’s not just the weight that’s an issue, it’s the volume too.

The total weight for food, including packing cells and dry bag is 5.4kg, which I’m reasonably happy with. Here’s a breakdown of items and weights:

Breakfasts: 6 Summit to Eat freeze-dried scrambled eggs meals, Biltong, 6 granola bars

Evening meals: 6 Fuizion Foods/Blå Band/ Food on the Move freeze-dried meals, dried fruit (dates, mandarins)

Lunches/snacks: Tracker bars, Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers, Nakd fruit bars, sesame seed snaps, brazil/macadamia/almond nuts, salted peanuts and cashews, banana chips/berry mix.

Tea bags (green and English breakfast).

Recently at home, I’ve been having porridge followed by poached egg and smoked salmon for breakfast. I’ve found that having a good amount of protein in the morning helps my energy levels, hence I’ve tried to replicate that for backpacking. The StE scrambled eggs are reasonable and adding a bit of Biltong (dried beef) adds a kick.

For lunches, I decided it was easiest to just have snack bars and supplement them with nuts and dried fruit. At home, I’ve cut out biscuits and cake and now snack on nuts or fruit. It seems to work for me.

Evening meals are pretty much what I always do: a freeze-dried meal followed by dried fruit. On this trip I will be using the last of my Fuizion Food freeze dried meals, which is a bit sad. I might add some Biltong to the Blå Band pasta meals as they have minuscule pieces of meat in.

I’ve made sure I have plenty of tea bags as I don’t want to run out and give myself the migraine from hell, like I did a few years ago. I’ve not calculated calories, but I suspect it might be a bit light, but that’s not a huge issue for one week.

In case you are wondering about the missing breakfast and evening meal, I’m taking the sleeper up to Fort William and will have some breakfast on the train and pick up something from a supermarket from the station. At Aviemore, I’ll arrive late afternoon and have dinner before catching the sleeper back home.


3 thoughts on “Food, food, food”

  1. I can relate to this totally after spending last evening packing for TGOC, only a 6-night haul in my case from Oban to Blair Atholl but with tea and coffee for the whole trip as I’ve not sent parcels but will shop at Blair and Ballater. It’s the volume rather than the weight that’s reluctantly pushed me to Summit meals for some nights rather than my normal tuna/chorizo/ pasta/rice/couscous.Never needed 3 Alpkit stuffsacs before; must look at Treadlite cells. Again it’s snacks and lunches that bulk up with chewy bars and sandwich thins. Quite a bulk of fuel too. All goes nicely in my Berghaus Fasthike 45 though. It’s comforting to know the weight drops each day. Have a good trip.

    1. The cuben cell is better for food as it keeps its structure better. The volume is difficult. Even freeze-dried meals can be bulky to pack.

  2. There is a lot of weight in packaging. I’m thinking of the evening meals in particular. I make my own dehydrated food and vacuum pack them. It really helps to cut down on the bulk and the weight of packaging.

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