Lakes Daunder 2018 gear thoughts

Some gear feedback from our Lakes Daunder.

Tramplite 50L pack

This was the first proper outing for my Tramplite pack. I’m very pleased with it. I can see myself using it a lot and it’s a more than worthy replacement for my somewhat knackered Mariposa. It’s a very comfortable carry. The hipbelt is excellent with great pockets and I like the wide shoulder straps. It’s more like a 60L pack than 50L. I used the Tramplite shelter which fitted nicely into a side pocket. It swallowed all my gear with room to spare. When I go to Scotland in two weeks time, I need to carry seven days food, so I’ll have to see whether the Tramplite or the Lightwave Ultrahike is best. I’m probably going to take my Scarp, so I could be packing 16-17kg with food at the start. The quality of workmanship is excellent. A great pack, well designed.

Rab Interval t-shirt

I’ve been looking for a similar base layer to my Rohan Ultra T’s, both of which are getting a bit worn. The Interval is marginally heavier at 80g (Large). It is made of a similar lightweight silky polyester fabric. It has a slight grid pattern and has a polygiene anti-odour treatment. It wicked away sweat really quickly, probably better than the Ultra T which may be down to the grid pattern. We had two hot days which meant a fair amount of sweat. However, there was very little smell even after three days. I think it’s also slightly more robust than the Ultra T. I’m a big convert to thin base layers for conditions other than when it’s cold. They seem to regulate body temperature better, wick well, evaporate sweat quicker and are very comfortable under a fleece. Even in hot weather you can wear them under a fleece and not overheat. I liked the Interval so much, I’ve bought a second one.

Paramo 3rd Element jacket

Ok, this is quite old and no longer made. It’s a while since I’ve used it, and I’d forgotten how good it is. The flexibility of using it as a gilet or as a jacket was great. It was also very comfortable in the heavy rain. I did get a small damp patch at the bottom of one pocket, but I think that was because I had a handkerchief that got damp in it. It’s a great jacket and very flexible. I’ll probably be taking it to Scotland too. It’s a shame that Paramo don’t make them anymore.

Berghaus Men’s Light Hike Hydroshell Overtrousers

I think Berghaus have stopped making these but there are still some on sale on Amazon. They were only £65. I was impressed. They seemed to be pretty breathable. They are slightly heavier (244g L) than the Paclite overtrousers but seem more robust. The 3/4 length zips mean they are easy to put on and take off. The zips also allow for decent ventilation and access to trouser pockets. At least for the moment, the DWR coating is very effective. I like them and they will be going to Scotland too.

The rest of my gear was all stuff I’ve used before, so not much to report.


5 thoughts on “Lakes Daunder 2018 gear thoughts”

  1. I was about to buy the Rohan ultra silver tee to replace one of mine that I stupidly spilt paint on. So on your review I have now ordered the Rab one. I hope it’s as good.

    1. I found the later Rohan Ultra Ts less smell resistant than the originals. The Rab was still pretty good after two hot sweaty days and a rainy morning with a steep hill climb. I like the grid pattern. Time will tell how robust it is, but I’m taking one to Scotland next week.

    1. Maybe I got a couple of dud ones, but my second batch definitely not as smell resistant as the originals.

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