Treasure in the wardrobe

I was clearing out one of our wardrobes yesterday and I came across some treasure: a Paramo Viento jacket, Cascada trousers and some Rohan Superstrider trousers. I knew I had them somewhere!

I had forgotten what an excellent jacket the Viento is, especially for colder weather. With arm vents, waist vents and huge chest pockets, it has great venting. The roll away hood is excellent. A deep collar means you can tuck your chin out of a cold wind. It’s long enough to cover your backside and go well below your waist. The sleeves are long and the overall cut is a touch baggy, great for layering. I’ll give it a good wash and proof and it will be like new in no time.

Looking at the current range of Paramo jackets, personally, I think I prefer their older jackets. The Viento is an excellent design. My favourite is the Vasco, which has a slimmer and shorter cut with a floating yoke on the back for venting. I like the old style Velez too, with a detachable hood. We mustn’t forget the weird and wonderful 3rd Element jacket either.

That’s not to say the new jackets are bad. The Quito is pretty good (although there are some tweaks I’d make if I was being critical). One area where the old jackets win hands down is colours. The old cobalt blue is my favourite (Vasco and Velez). The Viento is a rather attractive Smoke Blue, while I’ve got the 3rd Element in a nice Red and Grey. The modern jackets have a very strange mix of colours and I wouldn’t be seen dead in most of them.

I had completely forgotten about the Rohan Superstriders. These are serious winter trousers, if a bit over stuffed with pockets. Nonetheless, I’ll probably take them on my next trip. I was hoping to go to the Lakes this week but weather and a leak in the roof meant I’ve postponed until January.


2 thoughts on “Treasure in the wardrobe”

  1. I bought my first superstriders when I was 16 or 17 (I’m 52 now) and they were a revelation after cords and army lightweights, I think they were my first Rohan product, when Paul still ran the company. I’ve owned a few pairs over the years but not for a long while now, they changed design and fabric a while back and for some reason they just didn’t gel for me.

  2. I have a Vasco. I bought it in 2008 shortly after a new Velez was stolen during a burglary. I had a new zip put in by Paramo last year and I expect it will serve for many years to come.

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