TGO Challenge 2018

Unfortunately I won’t be applying for the 2018 TGO Challenge. My wife’s health is too fragile for me to be away for such a long time. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a shorter trip to Scotland to overlap with the Challenge and meet a few reprobates.


10 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2018”

  1. Hi Robin,

    Sorry to hear this but I fully understand your situation. I’m not sure how many more challenges I can manage before I’m unable to get away myself for such a spell. Fortunately my daughter can keep an eye on my wife during TGO time at present. I hope to see you at some point though. I took my first trip to Dartmoor for 50 years last weekend, the last being for a sixth form field trip. It was primarily for the inter-club orienteering finals near Yelverton but I stayed on for a couple of nights backpacking leaving my car at Belstone then heading south. Weather was wild and misty so it was all a bit underwhelming but I must get back some time when conditions are better. Trouble is that it’s 350 miles from home so I may use the train next time. It’s certainly different terrain to anywhere else.

    Best wishes, Stan

    1. Our daughter is looking for a job at the moment and we are not sure where she will be. Dartmoor is great but you are close to fantastic moors in Yorkshire so travelling such a long way is less attractive. For me, anywhere decent is 250-300 miles. The north moor around Cut Hill and Fur Tor feels gloriously remote and wild.

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