Recent freeze dried meals

I confess I really ought to freeze dry my own meals, but I’m a useless cook and lazy. So I fall back on ready prepared meals. It’s a huge shame that Fuizion Food is no longer trading as they made the best freeze dried meals I’ve tasted by a country mile. Over the past few trips, I’ve been trying other brands, so here’s a quick summary of meals I’ve eaten.

Blå Band Skinnarmo’s Pasta Carbonara: my favourite Blå Band meal. Very tasty with a slight spicy/savoury edge to it. The meat pieces are a bit small and don’t really add to it. Might taste a little salty for some people but I really like it. The pasta hydrates well and the Blå Band sachets are the best designed with clear fill markings, instructions and the pack is easy to access with a spoon (unlike taller ones).

Blå Band Pasta Bolognese: not quite as good as the Pasta Carbonara, but still tasty. Has a good tomato flavour and a slightly spicy edge. Another good one.

Blå Band Creamy Pasta with Chicken: not bad although slightly bland. I would buy again but might add a bit of mature cheddar to add some more flavour.

Blå Band Goulash: I wasn’t that keen on this one. Because it’s potato based it was quite sloppy and doesn’t feel as filling as a pasta dish. It was quite spicy but I didn’t really enjoy it. One that I won’t order again.

LYO Expedition Beef Stroganoff: liked this one. The “noodles” are more like pasta pieces. The meat is identifiable as meat. It has quite a subtle taste. I recommend the large size portion. The sachet is not as well designed as the Blå Band ones, but is wider than some makes.

LYO Expedition Penne Bolognese: again, very pleasant with a fairly subtle flavour. Good meat pieces and satisfying. I had the large portion.

Summit to Eat Salmon and Broccoli Pasta: I’ve not tried Summit to Eat before, but was pleasantly surprised. The salmon pieces were a bit small but I liked having some broccoli to bulk it out. The taste was slightly bland and could do with being a bit saltier, but was pretty good.

Mountain Trails “Food on the Move” Minced Beef Dinner: I had low expectations for this one as the other two meals I’d had from Mountain Trails were a bit bland (beef risotto and spaghetti bolognese). However, I really liked this one. There are two pouches to rehydrate, one with minced beef and one with mashed potato. The mash was creamy and buttery and the mince was tasty and savoury. To start with I kept the pouches separate to eat, but half way through I put the mince in with the mash. I really liked this meal as a change from pasta. It’s a shame they don’t do other mash based meals. I might investigate some more widely available mash potato and add some meat and sauce.

Mountain Trails “Food on the Move” Porridge and desserts: normally when backpacking, for breakfast, I have granola, nut and fruit bars. However, at home, I’m a porridge man. As an experiment, I tried these porridge sachets. While they are very good, they are quite expensive. I’m tempted to make my own but I’m not sure I want to be making porridge in the mornings. I’m happy with bars and a cup of tea. Perhaps in winter, I might have a hot breakfast. The desserts are good too, if a bit sugary. Again, I’m not sure I need a hot dessert and I’m happy with dried fruit (dates or mango are my favourites). Hot breakfasts and desserts all use up extra fuel too. I think I’ll reserve them as occasional treats.

The Blå Band, LYO and Summit to Eat meals were purchased from Base Camp Food. Food on the Move was purchased from Mountain Trails. I have no affiliation with either company.


3 thoughts on “Recent freeze dried meals”

  1. I’m a fan of Food on the Move – they’re British and reasonably priced. I really like their puddings too. The Chocolate and lemon puddings are great for breakfast as well.

    I’ve never tried Bla Brand, but I might now, just because of the sensible packaging.

    Cheers Robin

  2. I use Mountain Trails, I even prefer them to Fuzion Foods which I found way too spicy and gave me heartburn. Not fun camping!
    I asked Mark for some individual portions of his mash as it is the best I’ve tried, hence he now has the ‘Meal Boosters’ tab with all sorts of useful portions of rice, pasta, milk, butter and cream. I often use a pasta portion mixed with a Heinz Cup Soup mixed in for a quick, tasty supper, along with an Apple and Custard for pudding as even a small meal can be too much for me and this combination works well.
    It’s often a difficult and sometimes expensive experiment to find what works, added to which I often find that what I think I like or will fancy, I don’t! Hate carrying out a meal I’ve re-hydrated but can’t finish.
    Thanks for trying some out for me! 😁

  3. Good post. I think Mountain Trails has a very practical benefit as they are so tightly vacuum packed and occupy little space. They really help when packing for anything over a week. I think their breakfasts are peerless (yes, that good!).

    I like Summit To Eat despite the corny name though have only eaten them as Mountain House. They have an advantage too of being available at Cotswolds and with a BMC or other discount are pretty good value. The Pasta Bolagnaise is 750 kilocals and only £4.45 with discount.

    I am again inclined to dry my own and might try for my next five dayer to southern Scotland.

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