Snow Peak Ultralight Umbrella

(Photo courtesy of Ali Ogden)

As most of you will know, I’m a big fan of umbrellas for backpacking. For the past few years I’ve been using a cheap M&S collapsible umbrella either hand held or strapped to my rucksack. If the weather isn’t too windy, it’s a great way to stay dry and comfortable. It’s also excellent for showers or intermittent rain rather than using waterproofs. Unfortunately, my brolly is starting to show its age and I’ve been looking for a replacement. M&S have changed the design, making the mechanism less robust. I have a Golite Chrome Dome, which is good but not collapsible. Enter the Snow Peak Ultralight Umbrella:

I bought it through Amazon. It is absurdly expensive (dispatched from Japan) but at 147g (on my scales including cover, 133g advertised), it is usefully lighter than my M&S brolly (214g). For such a light umbrella, it seems quite robust, much better than a Euroschirm one that I bought years ago that fell apart when I opened it. The spars are hinged so they fold back on themselves making the pack length shorter and less vulnerable to damage if the canopy blows inside out. The size of the brolly is virtually identical to the M&S one. The handle is the same length although plastic stop is smaller. I’ve added a cord lock so I can use my attachment system to my rucksack. First impressions are good. 

More pictures from Massdrop. More details from John’s Hikelighter blog. 


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