Old Friends: Scarp 1 and Lightwave Ultrahike 60

For my little bimble to Wiley Gill I reacquainted myself with a couple of old friends, the Scarp 1 and the Lightwave Ultrahike 60. What a pleasure! It’s about two years since I’ve used the Scarp and longer since I’ve used the Ultrahike.

I love the Scarp. It’s just the right size. Large enough to spread out all your gear, yet still quite compact. It’s so easy to pitch too. After using mids for the past two years, the extra headroom both lying down and sitting up was luxurious. I love having two porches as well. It would be nice if it was a bit lighter but it’s difficult to see how this can be achieved economically or without compromising the design. It’s certainly one of the best tents ever made.

The Lightwave Ultrahike 60 is also a great design. In particular, the split hipbelt makes for possibly one of the best carries of any rucksack. Ok, it’s a bit heavier than something like the GG Mariposa, but it is a joy to strap on your back. It’s nice to have a lid pocket too. The only drawback is a lack of hipbelt pockets. To compensate I used a lightweight Inov-8 belt pack (reversed) for bits and pieces I needed to access quickly.

Both the Scarp and Ultrahike have stood the test of time and are still in production, albeit the Scarp has been slightly modified. Where weight is not the ultimate criteria, it’s difficult to better either.

15 thoughts on “Old Friends: Scarp 1 and Lightwave Ultrahike 60”

  1. Agree about the Ultrahike. Very supportive and comfy hipbelt. The carry is better than my Mariposa and Arkblast 60. Shame tjhere is no mesh
    though. That would be very useful I am considering ordering a Scarp 1 as although my Strat 1 is good and has about 26 nights on it ,it is really a modified mid. I find at a whisker under 6ft 1 the inner touches my head and feet with s/bag and exped.
    Can also be a bit tricky to set up if you are in a hurry. In my seventies now so weight and comfort becomes increasingly important,but prepared to accept the weight for the benefits of the Scarp.
    Also with mids you lose your poles and I love my Pacers. Made a big
    difference to my walking compared to umpteen others I have tried over the years.

  2. Thanks for the tip , Robin . Have put my name down as out of stock.
    The Strat is a good tent . Very solid in the wind and a good height. You
    have to be careful with the pictlock ends and replace with 3mm guys ,and also lengthen them. Otherwise they slip in the wet. Also I find it essential to tighten the guys hard before retiring otherwise the inner will touch due sagging. There is a lot of fabric in the tent. The inner width is the same as the old Scarp but without the vertical ends

    You can drop the inner down a bit which widens the floor space ,but then you lose the bathtub and some height. Huge porches.

  3. Hi Robin, found your site while googling for ultralite hiking stuff with a uk bias. Thanks for all the interesting articles, it’ll be taking me a while to work through them.

    I’m looking to pick up a roomy 1 person backpack tent to replace my 20 year old Ultra Quasar as I no longer backpack as part of a couple and it’s just too heavy on my own.

    I’m liking the look of the scarp 1 after reading your reports of it, are there any others you’d suggest looking at as things have moved on since your first reviews a few years ago and you seem to keep your eye on the market. I imagine I’ll be mostly doing 3 season wild camping but that does tend to mean almost 4-season conditions when you’re in scotland or the lakes πŸ˜€


    1. Personally I think the Scarp 1 is the best one man 3/4 season lightweight tents. If you use it in winter the crossing poles make it very strong. The F10 Xenon (replacement for the Nitro Lite) is worth a look. I like my Nitro Lite, but the Scarp is better IMO. The Terra Nova Southern Cross gets good reviews, but only has one porch whereas the Scarp has 2, great for coping with wet gear. The Scarp is a great all rounder. If you’re a real ultra-lighter, then it is a little heavy. It’s also a bit bulky to pack with the pitchlock ends, but no worse than the Hilleberg Akto (also a good tent). If you’re looking for a good all rounder, the the Scarp fits the bill, although you have to import it from the US, so add on customs duty and handling charges before making price comparisons. Any questions, just make a comment. Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been away.

      1. Hi Robin, thanks very much for the reply. It sounds like the Scarp would be a good fit for me as I’m not a rabid gram counter, I’m happy to carry a little extra weight in exchange for comforts such as the double porch. I also may be able to have a friend bring one back from the US which would keep the cost down a little πŸ™‚

        I’m enjoying reading through your blog, thanks for putting so much great information out there.

      2. The new Scarp has a larger inner, which you can pull back to make a second porch. Looks neat. Also has a heavier duty pole. I swapped mine for a 9mm one from a Marmot tent. It’s worth getting the crossover poles too if you plan to do any winter camping. Don’t forget to seam seal it either. Swap the corner guys for 3mm cord as the cord supplied slips. Have fun!

      3. Ordered the Scarp, a friend is bringing it back for me and I’ll have it before christmas πŸ™‚

        Now to start deciding on a new pack, Montane Grand Tour 55 and the Osprey Exos (48 or 58) are looking good for the money. Need to go and try them on somewhere.

  4. I’m loving my Luxe Hexpeak V4A Robin, but there’s something about the Scarp 1 which keeps tugging a cord…. As a ‘summit box’ type of tent for all-weather UK use, I’m unsure if the Hex can cut it, but reading what people who know what they’re talking about have to say about the Scarp’s capabilities, I wonder if I should have a splurge (particularly as my sister lives in the US!), despite the weight penalty (and I’ve shaved 250g off the Hex by substituting an AliExpress inner). I think there’s truth in the backpacking adage “We pack our fears”, which in my case is the fear of my shelter not being a match for the conditions one dark stormy night far away from help…

  5. Robin,
    Brilliant feedback on the Scarp 1 from day 1, apologies I have only just come across your blogs, in the US in October and I plan on picking one up while over there.
    Having read through your experiences on the original Scarp can I ask if there are accessories or what your thoughts may be on further improvements that you would recommend whilst there to add to the shopping list on the newest Scarp revision ?

  6. Hello Robin! I just received an Ultrahike and a Scarp πŸ™‚ I hope they will work great together. I’m a bit concerned about where the tent will go when wet, I guess it has to go outside… What do you think? Thanks

      1. Personal preference but I prefer storing my tent on the outside of my pack. I know lots of people like it inside.

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