TGO Challenge 2017: Day 7

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Distance: 21km, ascent: 690m

If yesterday was  hell, today was paradise! Sandy was up and away earlier than me. The day had dawned agreeably sunny and I luxuriated in the warmth for a while as I knew I didn’t have a massive day. What’s the point in camping in glorious places without taking the time to enjoy them?

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. You can see the route I took. I was extremely fortunate that the weather stayed good for me for the whole day. In the afternoon, there were some heavy showers circling around, but none came near me. The walk along the ridge was sublime. Route finding was simple with a line of fence posts for company most of the way. It was easy to take in my only two Munros of the trip too: Carn Dearg and Carn Sgulain, the latter possibly one of the easiest Munros ever. Here’s the pictures:

If I was being picky, to the North there were often distant views of the various wind farms. However, even those intrusions couldn’t spoil what was probably the best day of the Challenge. Suitable reward for the previous day’s tribulations.

Even the peat bog between Carn Sgulain and Am Bodach was dry and easy to cross.

Contouring down on the southern side of Am Bodach was quite slow as the slope was steep, but eventually I reached a branch of the Allt Mor. Once down, it was relatively straightforward to follow the stream which had some delightful mini water falls.

At the confluence of a side stream an ideal camping spot presented itself. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to call it a day.

What a fantastic day it had been and ended with almost the perfect  camping spot.

8 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2017: Day 7”

  1. I also trekked that boundary along the Eastern edge of the Monadhliath from Garva Bridge to Carn an Fhreiceadain above Kingussie, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The ground was wonderfully dry which allowed me to just enjoy the walk in the sunshine, and unless you looked hard the distant view wasn’t spoilt. I camped high that night at Lochan Uisge just on from Carn Dearg, a lovely spot. Mind you, I think in bad weather it would have been a very different experience. Route finding along that stretch would really test your navigation skills in bad visibility. It all starts to look the same, with very few features to work off.

    1. It’s a brilliant walk and exceeded my expectations. Agree that navigation would not be easy in bad weather.

    1. Great backpacking country, just a shame the wind farms are cutting down the options dramatically. Much of the Loch Ness side is covered.

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