TGO Challenge 2017: Plockton

I took the overnight sleeper to Inverness, then the early train to Plockton, arriving late morning. A short walk from the station brought me to the sea front and the Plockton Hotel where I was staying that night. Plockton is a very pretty seaside village, perhaps unique in that it’s on the west coast, but actually faces east.

As it was too early to book in to the hotel, I parked myself on the tables overlooking the sea front and ordered some lunch. I was entertained for a while by a dog who was encouraging customers to throw a small stone for it to fetch. Early afternoon, two more Challengers arrive, Dickie and Rosie who were also booked into the hotel. Initially there was some confusion as to whether the hotel had mucked up their booking but it was soon resolved, as was the uncertainty as to whether it was actually a Challenge sign out point!

After a gear explosion in my room, I had a little wander around Plockton, which reminded me of some of the Cornish fishing villages of my childhood. There were even rhododendrons……

…and some other exotic plants.

Plockton is certainly one of the most picturesque places to start the Challenge.

In the evening, I joined Dickie and Rosie for dinner and we had a good time nattering away about past Challenge experiences and what the next two weeks might bring. Dickie and Rosie were basically doing the same route on day one, so we made a loose arrangement to walk together the next day.




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