Great customer service from Vango

As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t used my F10 Nitro Lite 200 for a while before my recent trip to the Lakes. When I unpacked it to use in Langstrath, the flysheet had stuck to itself and I had to peel it apart. It proved to be still waterproof, but I thought I’d ask Vango customer services whether anyone else had experienced this and whether it was a manufacturing fault.

Within a couple of hours they replied. While the flysheet should be ok, they offered to replace it anyway. It seemed to me sensible to take them up on the offer and my new flysheet arrived on Monday.

This is not the first time Vango have demonstrated excellent customer service. In the past they’ve sent me a repair kit, a new pole and some guy lines. It gives great confidence to buy Vango products, knowing that any issues are dealt with quickly and courteously.


8 thoughts on “Great customer service from Vango”

  1. That is good service indeed!
    Did Vango offer any thoughts as to why the old flysheet may have been sticking to itself? Also is there any difference in the material (as far as you can tell) with the new/old one?

    1. No they didn’t. It’s the same as the old one, so I’ll know in 2-3 years time whether it’s a problem. Still waterproof though.

  2. That’s interesting. I read a frustrated comment from someone last week who couldn’t even get Vango customer services to reply to a complaint about a faulty product, so they ended up having to buy a replacement part from a retailer. They vowed never to buy Vango again. How did you get in touch with them I wonder? Why such different experiences??

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