Great customer service from Vango

As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t used my F10 Nitro Lite 200 for a while before my recent trip to the Lakes. When I unpacked it to use in Langstrath, the flysheet had stuck to itself and I had to peel it apart. It proved to be still waterproof, but I thought I’d ask Vango customer services whether anyone else had experienced this and whether it was a manufacturing fault.

Within a couple of hours they replied. While the flysheet should be ok, they offered to replace it anyway. It seemed to me sensible to take them up on the offer and my new flysheet arrived on Monday.

This is not the first time Vango have demonstrated excellent customer service. In the past they’ve sent me a repair kit, a new pole and some guy lines. It gives great confidence to buy Vango products, knowing that any issues are dealt with quickly and courteously.


14 thoughts on “Great customer service from Vango”

  1. That is good service indeed!
    Did Vango offer any thoughts as to why the old flysheet may have been sticking to itself? Also is there any difference in the material (as far as you can tell) with the new/old one?

    1. No they didn’t. It’s the same as the old one, so I’ll know in 2-3 years time whether it’s a problem. Still waterproof though.

  2. That’s interesting. I read a frustrated comment from someone last week who couldn’t even get Vango customer services to reply to a complaint about a faulty product, so they ended up having to buy a replacement part from a retailer. They vowed never to buy Vango again. How did you get in touch with them I wonder? Why such different experiences??

  3. My F10 Nitro Lite 200 flysheet had exactly the same problem as yours, it was completely stuck together when I checked it last week after the winter storage.
    However my response from Vango was very different to yours – basically they blamed poor maintenance/storage, and stating if the enough of the PU coating had come off it would need to be replaced. ie buy a new flysheet or tent.
    This my 3rd Vango/F10 tent over last 20 years of wild camping and I’ve never had this problem before so I’m guessing this is a product issue.
    However perhaps getting “Very Good service from Vango” depends if you have a backpacking blog site or not??

    1. Thanks for your reply.

      They didn’t know I have a backpacking blog. I contacted them through their website site, unless they did some detective work they wouldn’t know who I am.

      That’s very disappointing. I’m going to store my flysheet loose from now on. Perhaps you should contact them again to say that I had my flysheet replace FOC.

      Let me know how you get on. Best wishes for a satisfactory outcome.

      1. Vango’s response to my query as to why one customer got a FOC replacement as to my – it’s out of warranty period(2 years) go away.

        “Thanks for contacting Vango Customer Service,
        This current customer service ticket is a separate issue to the issue you have read on a forum somewhere and has no relevance to this individual’s apparent customer service ticket with ourselves.
        Sorry, but I cannot advise any further.”

        Great Vango Service – I think not.

  4. I would better not to check Vango customer service, but I have F10 Nitro Lite too. As bought just last year and use few times only in dry and mild weather I can’t see any problems yet – hope it will stay like that. We have another Vango tent – Tornado 300, which after 9 years of using is still doing great, giving fantastic shelter especially while windy camping on Outer Hebrides 😉

  5. ive just emailed f10 too as after using the tent once and storing dry i found my fly sheet on the nitro lite 200 was really badly stuck! Ive just found this info here that others have had the same problem and am worried they won’t be helpful now. It took easy half an hour to unstick it while it got dark and im just lucky it wasnt raining! repacked it dry and got it out at home hoping a couple of days in the breeze might have helped and its stuck again. How realistically can you store a flysheet opened up so its not touching itself for any length of time! as much as I’d like a room just for camping stuff safe from the cat also it’s not realistic! Im hoping they respond favourably as I’m doing the nc500 in a fortnight and don’t really need this issue right now but at least i was smart enough to retest my light weight gear before getting up there!

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