More Camper Van Paraphernalia 

I’ve now had three trips in my camper van. I’m extremely pleased with the van itself. The only downside is that it’s a bit thirsty on fuel. I guess that’s no surprise being four wheel drive with a three litre V6 engine. It’s very nice to drive though, with decent acceleration for a heavy vehicle. 

I’ve been looking for a couple of compact deck chairs. I looked at some Helinox ones but balked at the price. However, I found some almost identical ones on Amazon for a third of the price, so I took a punt. I don’t really like buying cheap copies, but I have to say, these are decent quality. They are decently comfortable to sit in and fold down really small. For a camper van the size of mine, you have to be careful not to have bulky gear otherwise it eats up the storage space. If you’re interested, look up Moon Lence on Amazon and you’ll find them. There are actually even cheaper chairs, but none on Amazon Prime. 

I was so impressed with the chairs, that I bought a folding table as well. Again, I am impressed with the quality. It will certainly be civilised to be able to sit outside quaffing a (non alcholic) cocktail and munching a few select morsels. This table no longer appears to be available, but the are similar ones around. 

Next up is a hose. I’ve not bothered to use the on board water tank as it’s a bit of a fiddle to fill and I’d rather use a 6L Platypus container for drinking water. However, it might be useful to have some running water for washing etc. If you’re on a campsite, you’re going to need a hose to fill up the tank. I’ve been looking at normal hoses, but they are quite bulky. You can get flat hoses, but they are a bit of a fiddle to rewind. Enter the XHose, which I spotted in Robert Dyas. The XHose stretches to three times its original length. It seemed a good solution, so I’ve bought one. I’ve not tried it out, but it looks ideal for occasionally using on campsites. I bought the 50ft one. It’s quite compact for storage. 

Lastly, before my last trip I bought a cheapo windscreen frost protector from Amazon marketplace. It’s a bit like radiator insulation. It lasted one trip before the wind trashed it. Amazingly I found a dedicated screen protector on eBay for an Alphard . It’s much better quality, so hopefully this one will work. It’s not padded, so it won’t insulate, but it should protect from frost, which is primarily what I wanted it for. 


9 thoughts on “More Camper Van Paraphernalia ”

  1. We saw a demo of the XHose at the Caravan & Motorhome show a few years ago. Unfortunately for us, with Colin’s filling poing, it wouldn’t have been ideal, due to the need to have a nozzle/gun on the end to create the pressure needed to make it expand. Whilst we did carry a hose in Colin, and did use it from time to time, more often than not we filled the tank using 5-litre water containers (which we carried anyway for drinking water), a funnel and a short length of flexible hose – an effective method which gave us some extra exercise, and meant we knew exactly how much water we’d put in. Bertie has much more room for storing a hose than Colin had, but we’ll no doubt still continue with the funnel/bottle.

    1. I’m not very keen on using the water tank to drink from so I’ll keep using the Platypus water container. I doubt I’ll need to fill the main water tank much, but at least this provides an option. I wonder how robust it is.

  2. I do use a flat hose, Robin. But I do not bother rewinding it, just coil/fold it up. Works fine and doesn’t get tangled. Hope your streatchy one works well.

    1. If this one doesn’t work, I’ll look at flat ones. I doubt I’ll use it much. I wouldn’t want to drink out of the water tank.

  3. Looks like a lovely van you have there, I have an Autosleeper VW absolutely love it, even though have camped for 50 years + one if the best things I have ever bought. Hope you get as much enjoyment from it. It’s great fun buying bits for it, often you find a really great item, then find its useless!! But that’s part of the fun. We never use our on board water tank, usuall a 5 litre container. I don’t fancy the bugs that are in there and not much point driving with extra weight, a gallon of water weighs 10 pounds!!
    I will follow your blog with interest now I have found it.

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