A-Glamping We Will Go

Tomorrow I’ll be off on my second camper van trip. I’ll be doing a couple of days in the Lake District before returning via Manchester to pick up our daughter from uni for the Christmas holidays. The weather doesn’t look great, so I think it will be a couple of day walks rather than backpacking. I might even take some photos. 


6 thoughts on “A-Glamping We Will Go”

  1. Aha, the thin end of the wedge, the start of the decline!
    He has a cosy motorhome to sleep in now, he has no need to carry a sleeping bag and tent to rough it in!

    Have a good time!

    1. Tee, hee! I’m getting old but I still love camping in the hills. Shame the weather forecast is not very good. I was going to camp at Dale Head.

  2. you are on the slippery slope Robin.I think I have quite a few years on you and still camp out in the hills,but not so often now – I find I am being
    too tempted by comfy B &B’s of late. However, am ordering a new Scarp 1. (can’t get on with mids ) so will have to get out more to justify it.
    If Amazon could offer a breakfast service on the hills with their drones
    that would be a nice incentive 🙂 Full English please !

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